2015 – A year in review

In many ways 2015 was a turning point for me. I rediscovered  the fun of model building. For a few years, my workbench was more of a place for stuff to pile up on, then for me to actually build stuff at. On those rare occasions that I would actually work on a kit it would be for an hour or so, then I would walk away frustrated. On more than on occasion I thought about just quitting model building all together. At the beginning of 2015 that changed with the purchase of my first Gunpla kit, a Real-Grade Gundam Exia. Since then, I have built roughly 32 kits. Some of the earlier ones are rough and I am thinking of going back and cleaning them up. Below are pictures of a good portion of the collection:

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During the year I have tried to evolve my building skill set. Since I build out of the box and do not paint the whole kit, two of my biggest challenges is removing nubs and hiding seam lines. For the most part, I think I have gotten pretty good both. I have also started to hand paint details. But in the end there is only one rule, that I enjoy the time I spend building. Well off to 2016 I go.

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