Quick Build – Haropla Haro Ball

My day started really poorly as I woke up with a splitting headache that was on the verge of migraine territory. Thankfully, by the end of late afternoon I was feeling much more human. I also wanted to build something quick. This the latest release in the Haropla line of Haro kits, number seven to […]

New kits for the stash

It is kind of ironic that the day I post about selling the last of my aircraft kits and now I post about adding three kits to the stash. On Sunday, I went by Brookhurst Hobbies and picked up the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. Then on Monday, I stopped at Neo Happyland and picked up the […]

The end of an era…sort of

As of today, I can officially say I no longer build aircraft, as today I sold off the last remaining of my unbuilt model aircraft kits. For maybe twenty years, I had a nice stash of 1/72 aircraft kits that numbered at almost 400 kits at one time. A few years ago I started the […]