A Bug’s Life

Our little collection got started after finding the first two, Flick & Flack, at a Hobby Lobby. When I spotted the first of the pair, I knew I had to to have it for our garden/patio space. Finding the second one was the perfect bonus.

Flick & Flack

Later that day, my wife found the next member of the group, Princess Twinklebutt. We call her that, because the rear part of her body is a glass globe with solar powered LEDs that twinkle.

Princess Twinklebutt

The other day my wife found the next member of the group, Hopper. Hopper is a rather large grasshopper with solar powered eyes that light up at night.


The latest members of the group is the A-Team, a group of five colorful ants that I found on Amazon.

The A-Team

Honestly, there might have been a time that I would have rolled my eyes at metal insects in my outdoor space. I can now say that they add so much to our outdoor space. Whenever I get bored, I can easily move them around to add to their story.