A new non-gunpla project in mind

Space Shuttle Endeavour, OV-105, on display at the Samuel Oschin Pavilion, California ScienCenter, Los Angeles, Ca Sept. 2017

I recently went and saw the Space Shuttle Endeavour on display at the California ScienCenter in Los Angeles. To say I was awe-struck, would be an understatement. It also rekindled the love I had for the Space Shuttle program from when I was much younger. It was days away from my ninth birthday when Columbia first launched and I was hooked from that moment. The assistant director private elementary school I went to would allow me to watch the launches on the TV in the teacher’s lounge before class. And I remember sitting in my Eighth grade English class when the announcement was made about the loss of Challenger in 1986. I sadly lost interest in the program once I got in to high school.

Hasegawa Space Shuttle Eggplane, OV-104 Atlantis

As a kid I built several model kits of the Shuttle, mostly 1/144 versions of the Revell kit. The only remaining built kit I have is the Hasegawa Eggplane that I built a few years ago.

After the visit to see Endeavour, I started listen to an audio book on the development of the Space Shuttle. I ended up pulling out my eggplane shuttle and had an idea of building a complete set of the five operational orbiters (Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour), plus the test article Enterprise. To add to it, I have another Eggplane Shuttle that comes with an 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. If I was going to take this to a crazy level, I can also get the marking for the Soviet Shuttle Buran. Time to start scrounging up some EggShuttles.

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