Adding to the Stash

A few weekends ago, I joined H at her job and helped out and was able to make some extra spending money. Today, H and I went to one of my favorite Gunpla stores here in Southern California, Robots4Less to spend some of that money. Here is what I picked up:

  • ZGMF-X42S “Destiny Gundam” from MSG:SEED Destiny
  • GM-79GS “GM Command Space” from MSG:0080 War in a Pocket
  • ZGMF-1000/A1 Gunner ZAKU Warrior (Lunamaria Hawke Custom) from MSG: SEED Destiny
  • MSM-07S “Z’Gok” (Char’s Custom) from MSG:0079
  • Gundam OO Shia Qan[t] from Build Fighter Try: Island Wars
  • YAMS-132 Rozen Zulu (Episoide 7 Version) from MSG: Unicorn

The last three were actually picked by H. She has pretty good taste in mobile suits.

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