AMX-004 Qubeley – Complete

The AMX-004 Qubeley is an Axis Zeon Prototype mobile suit designed for Newtypes and appears in the anime MS Gundam Zeta. A Newtype is a human who has evolved with heightened mental awareness. Axis Zeon is made up of remnant members of the Principality of Zeon who retreated to the giant asteroid base Axis.

The Quebeley uses the Psycommu system that allows its NewType pilot to control most of the mobile suit functions by thought, including the Funnel weapon pods.

This kit was added to build pile by my wife. We had stopped at one of the local hobby shops and I had planned on only picking up a single kit, but ended up walking out with three including this one. It was actually funny as my wife called it the ‘Butterfly’. I do have to admit that it is an interesting mobile suit.


My next build is the Hi-Mock drone unit from Gundam Build Fighters Try. The Hi-Mock is designed to modified. I already have some interesting plans for weapon load outs.

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