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Life happens and adding to the stash

So it’s been awhile since I posted anything here, primary because life has kept me pretty busy. This does not mean that I have not been building. I actually have been working on various projects. Including a Petit’gguy or two, another member of the Black Tri-Stars, a special build and the Real-Grade Freedom, which is

A special build

Most of the time when a modeler builds a kit it represents a time or place, real or fictional. Certain builds hold a special meaning, this is one of those builds. Recently, my Mom-in-Law, L, was diagnosed with cancer and I wanted to get her something that would remind her how much I love her.

Me and modeling

I have written about my primary hobby, model building, several times before. With this being a fresh start to my blog, I wanted to make sure it was here also. The thing is model building is a very important part of me. It is one of the things that has been part of my life