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Changes to this blog

A few months ago I made some changes to my workbench, making my workspace more functional. I have now made some more changes, this time to my blog space. The first major change is a little obvious, the overall look of the site. For many years this blog has had a generally darker theme to

Need to get back to updating this blog

The toughest part of this blog is updating it on a regular basis. After giving it some thought, I think I have come up with a plan. Basically, I plan to post an update once a week with what I have been working on the week before. Now let’s see if I can do this.

The future of

I have given some serious thought about the future of this site. I think one of the challenges I have always had been wondering what is the purpose of this site? This site has primarily been a place to show off the work that I do in building scale model kits. Be it aircraft or

Refining the overall style of the build posts

One of the things that I wanted to do for the New Year was to refine the way that my post flow. For the most part the changes are small, but I hope that they make my build related posts look cleaner and be easier to read. I think the biggest change will be the