Exceed Model Zaku Head – Black Tri-Stars Version

The Exceed Model Zaku Head, is a 1/35 gashapon model kits from Bandai. Gashapon are capsule toys that are dispensed from vending machines. This kit is the third kit of the first wave of heads based on the MS-06 Zaku II.

The Build

  1. All the parts are contained in the capsule, which is made up of three parts. One of which becomes the base.
  2. With the clear part and power cables are stored in a plastic bag in thee head itself. The monoeye unit is attached to the bottom of the head.
  3. The ‘nose’ and back of the head fold out. Then install the monoeye assembly in the head. With the clear part attached, you attach the top of the head. You then build up the power cables and attach them.

Build Gallery

Final Thoughts

Due to the size of the head, there is room to actually modify the monoeye with a LED. Some builders have taken it to the next level by not only installing an LED for the monoeye, but to come up with ways to control the movement of the monoeye using a servo motor and an Arduino nano. As cool as this is, I have no current plans to do this.

When these were initially releases, I did not have much interest in them. In the end I am happy I finally picked one up. For what is basically a simple build, it is still enjoyable.