FD-03 Gustav Karl

HG FD-03 Gustav Karl

A direct successor to the RGM series, the Gustav Karl is developed by the Earth Federation as a next generation, mass production general-purpose mobile suit. However, it is developed along separate lines from the RGM-89 Jegan and is designed with a focus on enhanced operability under gravity.

Classification:Mass Production General-Purpose Mobile Suit
Operator: Earth Federation Forces
Armament (Fixed)1-2 x Vulcan Gun
2-tube Grenade Launcher
2 x Beam Saber
Flexible Shield
Armament (Handheld)Beam Rifle
Appearance: MSG – Narrative
Kit Info
Kit #HGUC221
Completion Date:2019-08-19

The Build

The build of the HG Gustav Karl is pretty straight forward. The only major seam lines are on the forearms and on the thighs. In both cases, they were easily hidden by turning them into panel lines.

As I generally try to do, none of the color correcting stickers were used. Instead I hand painted the dark grey stripe on the lower legs and the red cameras on the head and beam rifle. Panel lining was done with black Tamiya Panel Line Accent color.