GAT-X103 Buster Gundam – construction complete

I have recently completed construction on my High-Grade GAT-X103 Buster Gundam from the series Mobile Suit Gundam – Seed.

In the series the GAT-103 is one of four mobile suits that are stolen by ZAFT and is used in the role of artillery support. Armament consists of a right hand mounted 350mm Gun Launcher and alert hand mounted 94mm High-energy Rifle. The two can be combined to form with an Anti-Armor shotgun or a Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle. There are also a pair of six-round 220mm misled launcher.

The Kit

For this build I used the 1/144th scale High-Grade kit from Bandai. The kit is the remastered version released in 2011. This is basically the same kit with the only difference being a slight change to the colors and additional markings.

The Build

The build went pretty smooth till I got to the shoulders. As I was dealing with the seam line where the two pieces meet, I started to notice it stood out even more. I will end up having to paint the shoulders. The two guns are connected to the suit’s backpack via support arms. I have not decided how I am going to finally pose it, but once done I will be keeping it in that pose due to how difficult it is to get the guns looking.

Next up in the queue is the RGZ-95C ReZEL Type C [Defenser B-Unit] [GR] from MSG – Unicorn. This kit, like a lot a parts. But what is life with out a challenge.

RGZ-95C ReZEL Type C [Defenser B-Unit] [GR]
RGZ-95C ReZEL Type C [Defenser B-Unit] [GR]

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