I got a box from Amazon

This past Friday, I finally signed up for Amazon’s Prime service. I have been debating signing up for a while now, mainly over the $99 yearly cost. When H told me that they were cutting the cost for one year to $67 for this past Friday only, I figured I would give it a try. Since one of the selling points of Prime is free two-day shipping, I wanted to put them to the test. As I was looking at possible kits to purchase, I noticed that if you spent over $35, you could get free one day shipping. I ended up selecting the two kits below:

  • Victory Two – Assault Buster Gundam
  • RGM-96X Jesta


I requested the Free one-day shipping, thinking that there is no way they could pull it off. Amazon has screwed up on the delivery of my past two orders. Come Saturday, I started getting text messages from Amazon. By noon, I had a box siting on my porch. This just might be worth it.

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