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I am back!!!

Talk about a saga. About a week ago, i received a message from my former web hosting company, iPowerWeb. I was informed my site had failed their security scan and I had two options:

  • Delete all the ‘offending’ files
  • Buy a service from them, that would do the same

Since they had sent me a list, I went to work at deleting files. As it turned out, all the files were orphan files from themes and plug-ins that I know longer used and did not get properly removed. Two days latter my site was shut down with a message to contact customer support.

I had contacted their customer support, via their online chat feature. Almost from the beginning, they were on the offensive. They said the reason for my site being down was because of possible malicious files and here is the list. I compared the list to what I saw online and everyone of them were gone, which I explained to them. Suma, the customer service rep, said that all the files were still there and for $9.99 a month I can purchase a service that will clean my site and keep it secure. We went back and forth for a few minuets before I ask them to just erase the site. I had only just relaunched it, so it would not be to painful. They replied that it was not necessary, that all need to do was pay for this service. I started to explain that they were coming close to losing a long time customer, still they pushed. That is when I said thank you and I will now be finding a new web host.

Last night the transfer was completed to Go Daddy. Had a small hiccup, but their customer support person had it fixed in 5mins and did not try to up sell me anything. Which means I am back!!!!! It is going to take a little bit to get everything back to where I want it, but I am not going anywhere.

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