MSN-06S Sinanju

The MSN-06S Sinanju is an modified version of the MSN-06 Sinanju Stein. The Sinanju is piloted by Full Frontal, a genetically altered Cyber Newtype with the memories of Char Aznable and the main antagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

Mobile Suite Type:Custom Newtype-use High Mobility Mobile Sui
Operator:Neo Neon / The Sleeves
Pilot:Full Frontal
Timeline:Universal Century
Appears in:MSG – Unicorn
Kit Info –
Manufacture:Ban Dai
Kit Number:HGUC 116
Completion Date:02/24/19

What’s in the Box –

Work in Progress Gallery

Build Notes –

This build offered a unique challenge when it came to the gold ‘Sleeves’ marking on the torso, wrists and knees. Since my quest is to not use any of the foil sticker that come with the kit. That left me two options, to carefully hand paint the markings or to use a method called a reverse-wash. A reverse-wash is can be used where you have a raised surface the is a different color then the lower surface. In this case the first step was to paint the gold markings in a gold enamel paint. I then painted over with a black semi-gloss acrylic paint. After the black paint was dry, I took cotton swaps dipped to acrylic paint thinner and carefully wiped away the black paint from the raised surfaces. I did have to touch up both some of the gold and black, but in the end it what much easier then hand painting the markings.

Completed Build Gallery-

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