My first ‘loot box’ haul

In case you do not know, a loot box is where you pay a set amount and you get a random item or items. I have always been a little weary of model loot boxes, as you have no idea what you are going to get. I guess it is a bit of a control issue.

Back in May I decided to give one of the more popular ones out there a try. Called the “A Boa Qu Loot Box” and released by JoJo Hobby ‘n Stuff, I had read online reviews and watched several YouTube reviews and was happily impressed with it.

After placing my order and waiting the two months, below is what showed up today:

  • HG Destiny Gundam
  • Burst Effect display base
  • Grey panel-lining Gundam Marker

In the end, I was very happy with what I received and I can defiantly see me buying more of these.