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I have given some serious thought about the future of this site. I think one of the challenges I have always had been wondering what is the purpose of this site? This site has primarily been a place to show off the work that I do in building scale model kits. Be it aircraft or Gunpla kits. The problem is, I allowed what ‘ego’ I do have to get in the way and get frustrated. I also started to post stupid stuff, which has been taken down, just so I could post something. That now comes to an end.

After spending some time viewing other model builder’s sites have come up with a plan. I created a Facebook page called Myrthdragon’s Builds. This page is going to act as my build log for works-in-progress (WIP). The plan is to do quick updates on what I have worked on for that day/night with a summary and photos. I the end of the build I will put together all the WIP pics, pics of the completed kit and a summary of the build. I those occasions that I pick up some new kits or it’s something related to my hobby, I will also post that here.

I hope that if you are interested in what I do, than you will do me the honor of visiting my humble website.


Thank you,


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