New kits for the stash

It is kind of ironic that the day I post about selling the last of my aircraft kits and now I post about adding three kits to the stash.

On Sunday, I went by Brookhurst Hobbies and picked up the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam. Then on Monday, I stopped at Neo Happyland and picked up the MSN-006-2 Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.) and the Gundam Love Fantom.

The Zeta Gundam has been one of those kits that I have wanted for awhile. It does have some color separation issue for the red of the wings, but I will more then likely resolve by painting.

The Sinanju Stein is one of those kits that I knew I had to have from the moment I saw the promo images. It is one of those designs that just looks badass. Then there is gun, especially when you have the bazooka mounted under it.

For the Gundam Love Phantom, how do I explain that one. I will be honest, this is one of those designs that I initially wanted nothing to due with. Partially due to the color and also the name. I can now admit that it has started to grow on me. I am still not a fan of all the gimmicks, but I do not to have to ever show them.

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