Real-Grade RX-178 Gundam Mk. II (A.E.U.G. version)

With me pretty much completing the Real-Grade RX-178 Gundam Mk. II (A.E.U.G. version), I figured I needed to get a post up. The RX-178 Gundam Mk. II, from the anime MSG Zeta, is the next generation of the RX-78-2 Gundam from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

The Build –

This kit of of the RX-178 is a 1/144th scale Real-Grade boxing. The Real-Grade series of kits are a combination of the scale of a High-Grade and the detail and inner frame of the Master-Grade. The inclusion of an inner frame allows an increase of articulation in the joints for posing.

As for the build it’s self, the one item that I really was surprised and happy about was the use of braided fabric tubing to give the effect of major hydraulic lines. The rest of the construction went together very smoothly. I still need to apply some of the decals, but all actual construction is complete.

The Photos –

Final Thoughts –

MS-06R-AB Zaku Amazing
MS-06R-AB Zaku Amazing

I have to say that I really enjoyed building the Real-Grade RX-178 and it looks great with my other Universal Century mobile suits. I am thinking of building the Titans version, which is in Black and Blue. If I do build the Titans version, I might build the new HGUC Revive version.

As for my next project, I will be starting the MS-06R-AB Zaku Amazing shortly. the Zaku Amazing is from the anime Gundam Build Fighters and is controlled by Tatsuya Yuuki. The main reason for building this mobile suit is that I have several Zakus in the queue and wanted a general feel of the kit.

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