Refining the overall style of the build posts

One of the things that I wanted to do for the New Year was to refine the way that my post flow. For the most part the changes are small, but I hope that they make my build related posts look cleaner and be easier to read. I think the biggest change will be the Photo Gallery. The Photo Gallery will now be of the completed build. Any work-in-progress pics will be in the build section and will be for interest items of the build.

My build posts will follow the following format:

  • Intro to the build – Usually information about the kit and/or series the kit is from.
  • The Build – Information about the build itself or anything techniques that I tried or learned. Also the place for work in progress pics.
  • Photo Gallery – Images of the completed build in various poses
  • Final Thoughts – My thoughts on the build.

I am debating on the part where I mention the my next project.

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