RGM-79C GM Type C

The RGM-79c Type C is a mass-produced mobile suit used by the Earth Federation Forces in the Universal Century timeline.

The kit went together with no issues and looks the part of a ‘grunt’ suit. When armed with the machine gun, it looks ready for business. Where as, posing with the Hyper Bazooka is a challenge and to be honest is not one of my favorite looks.

Detail of foot
Detail of foot

One of the things that I started doing is painting the treads on the bottom of the mobile suit’s feet. I know that they are not really going to be seen unless the mobile suit is on a stand, but I just wanted to add some extra detail.

Next on the workbench is the mobile suit that started it all, the RX-78-2 Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam. This will be the Real-Grade version.

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