Something else I enjoy, carnivorous plants.’

I know that this blog is technically about my model building projects, but I have discovered a great amount of enjoyment in the world of carnivorous plants. I enjoy it so much, I have several small planters indoors and out.

I have resently planted my most ambitious planter yet that started out with 10 different plants. It originally started with three Pitcher plants, three Sundews, two Venus Flytraps, a Butterwort and a Bladderwort.

Original layout

Wednesday, I received my latest plants for the Carnivorous Planter. Which I planted on Thursday afternoon. The green patches are Utricularia bisquamata. A Bladderwort, which feeds on microscopic organisms that live in the soil. Above ground, the produce tiny flowers that look like baby orchids. The plant in the middle of the right side of the front row is also new. A sundew known as Drosera intermedia x capillaris. It a hybrid relative of the sundew on the middle of the left side.You will also notice that the Butterwort and the first Bladderwort have been moved to the center positions.

Updated layout

In the grand scheme of things, I would like the Bladderworts to expand and fill in the empty space. Also, the Sundews should slowly expand their territory.



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