The end of an era…sort of

As of today, I can officially say I no longer build aircraft, as today I sold off the last remaining of my unbuilt model aircraft kits.

For maybe twenty years, I had a nice stash of 1/72 aircraft kits that numbered at almost 400 kits at one time. A few years ago I started the process of selling off quite a few of these kits. Leaving a collection of about 80 unbuilt kits, which did nothing but sit in storage bins in the garage. Earlier this year, I made the decision that I need to pair that collection down some more. And by this afternoon, the only thing left of that collection is a Hasegawa Eggplane 747 STA with matching Shuttle.

Dose this mean I will never build another aircraft kit, no. I would like to add more Eggplane Space Shuttles, as mentioned in an earlier post. This just means that when and if I do build another plane, it will be some thing special.

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