The return of Myrthdragon’s Builds

For awhile now I have been a little frustrated with the whole ‘social media’ world and how I had gotten sucked into it. One of the reason I have always enjoyed having this site was the fact that I pretty much had control of everything about it. Over time I got sucked into having a dedicated Facebook page for my builds. Then I was told by people that I really needed to post on Instagram, which I did. Then you get sucked into having to always post new pictures to keep people coming back for more or get more followers. In the end I spent more time thinking about needing pics for the various social media, then the actual enjoyment of building.

Then I saw my way out from the cycle. About a week ago, my hosting for this site came up for renewal and I decided to not renew. To let the site disappear. At the same time I removed both my Facebook page and Instagram sites.

After the fact I realized one thing I had not counted on, just how much this site meant to me. In one form or another, I have had a blog page dedicated to my model building for over 20 years. Initially, it was for my aircraft kits and then for Gunpla kits. But in the end it was always ‘my place’ to show my builds. With that in mind, I made the decision to set the site back up and start fresh. I have lost all the past posts, but maybe that is a good thing.

As for Facebook and Instagram, I need to give some serious thought before I go down those rabbit holes again.