Unicorn Gundam in Destroy mode and Gundam Barbatos

Have not been able to keep up on my updates, but it does not mean I have not been building. While H and I were up at her parents, I was able to build the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam in ‘Destroy Mode’.

The major difference between the ‘Unicorn Mode’ and the ‘Destroy Mode’ is the activation of the NT-D system. This causes the armor to shift, exposing the Psycoframe underneath, and the unicorn antenna to split to form a V-fin. With the NT-D system activated the Unicorn Gundam become almost one, allowing the pilot to control it by thought.

The Build –

I have to admit that this build was quite interesting. Since I had just built the ‘Unicorn Mode’ version of this mobile suit, a lot of the parts were the same and different at the same time. A single part is now two or three, attached to the clear pink plastic that represents the Psycoframe.

As for the overall build, I really enjoyed the engineering of the kit. My main fear was having to deal with visible nub marks on the clear pieces. They turned out to be very well hidden.

After completing the Unicorn Gundam, I decided to start on a second mobile suit, ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos, from the newest Gundam series “Iron-Blooded Orphans”. This series takes place in a new timeline 300+ years after the Calamity War. At the start of the series it is being used solely as a power source, due to missing it’s cockpit.

The Build –

This is the first kit from the series and is one of the first kits in the HG line to have a basic inner frame. Because of this, the build itself went quite well. My only complaint would be that it feels a little toyish to me, but I do admit that I am loving the look of this kit.

XXXG 01W Wing Gundam 000
XXXG 01W Wing Gundam

For my next build, I am going to be doing the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam from the anime MS Gundam Wing.

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