Upgrading my work space

Ask any model builder and one of the most important items is a good work space. Over the years I have been pretty lucky by having a desk of some type dedicated space for my workbench. Size wise, the largest workbench I ever had been a 6′ x 3′ industrial workbench I was given by my dad. Because that was the workbench I had when I moved in with H, I consider it my Workbench 1.0.

Workbench 1.0 had some great advantages, but also had some even worse disadvantages, ironically both were the size. It was great for having space for everything I needed to build kits. On the other side of the equation, all that space became a junk magnet. Also, our second bedroom, which is my ‘cave’, is not really that big and a 6′ x 3′ industrial table takes up a lot of space.

Workbench 2.0

A few years ago, I reworked my ‘cave’ with the major decision to get rid of of the industrial workbench and get something more appropriate for the space, but still workable. I ended up getting an IKEA Expedit shelving unit and attaching Expedit desk. Added a couple of shelves for additional storage and “Workbench 2.0” was created. A large cutting mat protects the desktop and a collection of small and large plastic storage bins were used to store tools and various supplies.

After a few years I started to get an itch to make some changes. The catalyst to the change was actually paint storage. I resently started using Vallejo Mecha Colors paints. Since Vallejo paints come in 17ml eye dropper style bottles, storage was a bit of a challenge. After doing a little research I came across HobbyZone modular storage system, which includes a paint rack to hold my paint bottles. I ended up ordering a paint rack, a bottle rack and a tool & brush rack.

After the additions of these modules, I can see a new flow for my workbench. I replaced the small storage containers under the lighted shelf with the paint rack and will be getting another rack to increase my paint storage. I installed the tool & brush rack on the right, replacing a mismatch of containers. The bottle rack is on the left side.

Workbench 2.5
The next project

The next project will be on the small Expedit unit next to the workbench. As much as I would like to go all out with different storage modules here, I need to be practical.

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  1. Your Work Space Upgrade share is terrific! I see potential for others than Model Builders, like for home office, crafts, sewing, etc. The Tool & Brush Rack for crafting & calligraphy pens: get rid of the old coffee cup holder! I have a jillion glues & adhesives that would benefit from the Bottle Rack & a space saver. Also saving space is the Paint Rack, useful for acrylic & dimensional paints. I have stackable drawers as you do (Sterilite made in USA) for all kinds of smalls, plus ribbon & embellishments. Small, stackable bins are always useful for storing, sorting items & containing components for current projects. I plan to check out the IKEA Expedit collection. Congrats on your new desk & especially for all of your great ideas!

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