Weekly Build Update – 16JUL17

This past week has mostly centered around the masking of the yellow paint on the shoulders and shield. Originally, I used Tamiya masking tape. No matter what I did I could not get the tape to stay in place. I ended up using some Microscale Micro Mask liquid masking fluid. Early on it seems to be working out well. On another note, was not sure how the yellow was going to look like and I m starting to really like it

Always looking for away improve my builds, I thought would try a different new brand of paint. I was first introduced to the Ammo brand of acrylic paints by by the YouTuber StryderPrime. Generally, the Ammo paints colors are aimed at military modeling. They do have sets designed more for the science fiction modeler. I am thinking about doing a post reviewing these paints.

The other item I picked up this week, is the book In Combat: Mecha Modeling published by Ammo. The book consists of step by step detailing of various Mecha kits. To be honest, it does show several of Ammo's products, but still has a lot of great information.

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