YM-02 MAILeS Kenbu

The YM-02 Kenbu is a MAILeS type AMAIN (Auto Mobile Artificial Intelligence Mounts) from the anime Kyoukai Senki , also known as AMAIM: Warrior at the Borderline.

Code Name:MAILeS Kenbu
Unit type: Mobile Artificial Intelligence Learning System
Equipment:I-LeS Gai AI
Armament: 60mm portable autocannon
Super-heated vibrating straight sword
Shield w/short blade

Build Notes

This is my first official build, start to finish, in 2022.

I have not seen the anime yet, so I will not comment on accuracy to the design. As a mobile suit, I enjoy the overall look of the Kenbu. The overall design comes off as a mobile suit designed for a street fight.

As for the build is very clean, with any seam lines turned into panel lines. The color correcting stickers are standard for and HG, with the biggest offender being black stickers on the inside of the Finished shoulders. As I generally do, I did not use any of the stickers. Instead, hand painting the color corrections.

I decided to leave the straight sword in a deactivated state, by not painting the blade, since I will be displaying it primarily armed with the autocannon. The completed build was panel lined and top coated.

Photo Gallery

Unfinished Form

Finished form